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Steelike Concrete Mix Design. Allowing you to realize your visions.

Preliminary testing show that if one places a standard home heating blanket over Steelike it will exceed 7600 psi in 18 hours or less and in 7 days, without heat you can expect over 17,000 psi compressive strength and thats without fiber. it has tested at an average of 25,000 PSI compressive at 28 days.  12% of compression as flexural PSI. It continues to gain strength and we are testing now to see how high it goes in 56 days. ASTM testing is underway. Because of massive research and testing and hyper focusing on particle packing and using the best materials available, Steelike mix produces no cream which eliminates grinding or acid washing. If mixed by a specific protocol, one can completely eliminate the need for slurrying. You may get a few bug holes on the side but that should be it. For the bug holes, if any, you can use the same mix because of the extremely small particles used in the design. I designed this mix from the ground up. That is to say I created it to do exactly what I wanted it to do and then priced it versus trying to keep the cost down only. Welcome to Steelikeā„¢ concrete mix. It will be distributed through a select few companies and fellow concrete artisans who offer advanced training only.


SteelikeĀ® concrete mix design. "Turning concepts into creations".


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