The STEELIKE    UHPFRC   mix design family

Steelike   Concrete Mix Design

Steelike    Concrete Sealer

Steelike    Metal Fibres


Two types of metal fiber are available:

Low-Carbon and Stainless Steel.

The original 1/2"Carbon and the new 3/4" length

The Stainless Steel clone

The Correct Tools

Steelike has negociated a very deep discount with Wooster as to be able to offer, as a convience, the exact rollers you will want to use to apply the Steelike Concrete Sealer system.

I currently have stock so call me directly.  Very soon both Trinic and Rinnova in Canada will be stocking as well.

Mix Design Product and Safety Data sheets

UIowa State University just confirmed the pcf of this mix design as 166.69 lbs.

 This is with a 2% by volume dual size low-carbon fibers and the recomended 9% addition of water.

Steelike        original

Steelike      AC (accelerated cure)

Steelike      VT (vertical/trowable)




UPDATE June 28th 2017


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