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Steelike    Metal Fibres


Two types of metal fiber are available:

Low-Carbon and Stainless Steel.

The original 1/2"Carbon and the new 3/4" length

The Stainless Steel clone

The Correct Tools

Steelike has negociated a very deep discount with Wooster as to be able to offer, as a convience, the exact rollers you will want to use to apply the Steelike Concrete Sealer system.

I currently have stock so call me directly.  Very soon both Trinic and Rinnova in Canada will be stocking as well.

Mix Design Product and Safety Data sheets

U The exact pcf is being tested at several Universities.  Once confirmed, the results will be posted here.

Stay Tunned!


Steelike        original

Steelike      AC (accelerated cure)

Steelike      VT (vertical/trowable)




UPDATE June 28th 2017


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